• 1. Make a reservation

    You can make reservations through this site. We also accept same-day rental reservations depending on availability, so please feel free to contact us. Please provide us with your desired reservation date and time, plan, your name, and telephone number by phone at this time.

  • 2. Arrive at Chula

    Please arrive at the shop by the time of your reservation. We are located a 10 minute walk from Izukyu-Shimoda Station. For details, please see the access map. Please feel free to contact us if you cannot find the shop for any reason. We will provide everything you need for your experience, so please come as you are. *Approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour is required from reception to departure (including dressing). The time may vary depending on the number of customers.

  • 3. Reception

    During reception, we will confirm the details of your kimono/yukata rental plan and provide you with information on accessory options. You will be asked to present a photo ID in order to confirm your identity at this time. Depending on availability, we also accept same-day reservations made by those who visit the shop directly.

  • 4. Select your kimono, hairstyle, and accessories

    You will then select your kimono/yukata, hairstyle, and accessories. We also offer many accessories for basic plans, and will provide you with information on other options when necessary. Feel free to select any accessories that catch your eye on the day of the rental. Do not worry. Our highly experienced staff will also provide advice to those who are having trouble making decisions.

  • 5. Make payment

    Payment is only made after you have made all of your choices.

  • 6. Dressing

    Our highly experienced staff will dress you in a private dressing room. Dressing takes around 20 minutes for kimono and 10 to 15 minutes for yukata.

  • 7. Hairstyling

    The next step is hairstyling. Our hairstyling plans include free options as well as traditional braided hairstyles. Hairstyling also includes hair ornaments. Our hairstylists will style your hair in a way that suits its length.

  • 8. Check your bags and take your kimono to the sites

    We will hold any bags that you do not need during your sightseeing experience. We cannot store any valuables for you, however, so we request that you keep these in your purse and carry them with you. (Large purses and carry baskets are available for rental (¥500 + tax)) (Suit cases, strollers, and other large pieces of luggage can be stored at a fee (¥1,000 + tax)).

  • 9. Return your kimono

    Please return your kimono by closing time (4:00 pm). You may keep your kimono overnight for an additional charge (¥1,000 + tax).