Terms of Use


The use of a hair iron before visiting the Shop may result in damage to your hair as a result of hairstyling. We therefore request that you do NOT iron your hair before coming to the Shop.
*In some cases, dressing will take place after hairstyling, so we recommend that you wear clothing that opens from the front so as not to snag your hair when undressing.

Prohibited Matters

The Shop prohibits the following conduct by the Customer. In the event that the Customer violates any of the following, the Customer shall consent to the Shop’s refusal to provide service to the Customer.
Article 1 Any conduct that damages, or risks damaging, the Shop or a third party
Article 2 Any conduct that violates, or risks violating, public order and standards of decency
Article 3 Any other conduct that is deemed to be inappropriate by the Shop


Article 1 The Shop shall NOT store any valuables or electronic devices, etc. Further, the Shop shall NOT be responsible in any way for damages or theft.
Article 2 The responsibility of the Shop shall be limited to the provision of services related to kimono rentals. Further, the Shop shall NOT be responsible in any way for inexpedience to the Customer, including, but NOT limited to, injuries incurred at the Shop, etc., and changes to schedules as a result of services provided.